Nico Gomez & his African Percussion Inc.

Oh man! This song made my day!

Baila Chibiquiban by Nico Gomez & his African Percussion Inc.

An amazingly compelling psychedelia-infused piece of Latin Funk off the 1971 album “Ritual”. It just makes you want to jump up and sway your hips! Judging by the sound, you’d expect it to come from Brazil or Cuba, but Nico Gomez is in fact the stage name of Belgian Josef ven het Grounewoud, who moved to the Netherlands in 1947 to escape being drafted into the army and carted off to Indonesia which was busy casting off the Dutch imperialists.

He was initially involved with more classic big-band Cuban-jazz during the 50’s before turning towards funk during the late 60’s to 70’s – first with his band the Chakakas and later as Nico Gomez & his African Percussion Inc. There’s also a lot of Chicano funk in his sound. This album seems to be very rare! Anybody know where one can find it?

(P.S. If it’s not in stock at Honest Jon’s – probably the most qualified place in London for such matters – locating it will involve some detective work)

Well… here’s an example of Chicano funk by Sapo, from 1974

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Axel Boman

As a result of suffering a bout of homesickness, for this post I’ve turned my sights homewards. (I’ve been rather immobilized by a bad sprain lately – don’t take your ATFL ligament for granted! – and though I love London, I’m pining to fill my lungs with clean pine forest air and the scent of rained-upon moss) As it turns out, there is an ocean of amazing dance music emanating from Sweden, which ought to be placed under the spotlight. —- May I ask you to clean your mind’s slate of any associations with Eric Prydz, Swedish House Mafia and their ilk! —- The first artist I’d like to highlight is Axel Boman. To be frank, I don’t know much about him, but his music speaks for itself!

Axel is a well-known figure in the Stockholm music scene, and is recently making a name for himself abroad. He was signed earlier this year to DJ Koze’s label Pampa, and has recently launched his own record label Studio Barnhus with friends Kornel Kovacs and Petter Nordkvist. His music nods towards deep house, and features all the ingredients which set me on fire – choice sampling of jazz hooks, immense soul vocals, and a fidelity to the roots of house as reflected in his beats.

I’m anticipating the upcoming EP “Europa” set for release on August 29, which promises tracks heavy on a lush, full sound.

In the meantime listen to the kooky, funky, and cinematic “Paris 2006” featuring the renowned Stockholm DJ, Kornel Kovacs, a close friend and associate of Axel Boman, off the “Nattsudd” EP from July.

You can also get an idea of his deep house leanings on this Pampa release

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Timo Lassy

Ahh… Ladies and gents, please, take a moment, and soak in this groove!

How cool isn’t this performance, fierily simmering away with some very sexy energy?

I tip my hat to Mr. Danilo Plessow, aka Motor City Drum Ensemble for drawing my attention to this Finnish jazzman, as featured on his DJ-Kicks mix. Which in its own right I can’t describe as anything other than delicious! His mix has a down-tempo feel and the track choices reflect a predeliction for jazz. Not only does he pay tribute to jazz influences like Sun Ra, but also includes Chicago-house godfather Larry Heard, Afro-beat legend Gerald Pino all the way to Aphex Twin and some dub. Among my favourites is the uplifting “Stuck” by Peven Everett.

Get yourself over to Helsinki and check out Timo live! I’m adding it to my to-do list.

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Tensnake/Something About You EP

Halleluja! The salvation of summer 2011 has descended!

Tensnake, aka my favourite Hambürger is B-A-C-K in the house, and has blessed us with some awesome new tunes. The ´Something About You´ release contains 4 tracks, all of which would put a big smile on any of the old worshippers at the temples of Paradise Garage, The Loft, The Warehouse, The Sanctuary & co. in New York and Chicago anno 1982.

The intro of the title track has strong connotations of New Order´s Blue Monday, whereas the piano loop further conjures the spacious sounds of the original 80´s house greats like Phuture.

Here´s a goody for you, the more loungy ´Congolal´ which at a laid back 106 BPM I have no difficulties picturing being played at a delightfully sleazy beachside club in Sharm el Sheikh. Look out for the maddeningly good break at 2:56…

Let summer begin!

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6th Borough Project/One Night in the Borough

Scotsmen Graeme Clark and Craig Smith aka 6th Borough Project are back! This time they are set to release their first full-length album “One Night in the Borough”, although you can already listen to the tracks on youtube. I’ll be anxiously waiting for the release on May 9th.

The album promises the familiar disco and funk-infused house which brought them recognition with “The Revenge EP” in 2008. Laid-back grooves, and great build-ups. Download and listen to this taster: “Sometimes the Fool” off Part III of the release


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Cosmin TRG / A Universal Crush EP

Bucharest is just another neighbourhood of Detroit! Here’s a nice release by Cosmin TRG on Dutch label Rush Hour Records. This EP featuring four deep house tracks came out just last week

Here’s my favourite, “Sirop”

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If Madonna Calls

Ha! Finally got my hands on it!

My sister told me about this song that she used to go clubbing to in the mid-90’s… the cheeky sample is irresistible

It was released in 1996 as part of a bitchy vendetta between la Madonna and Junior Vasquez. An elevated exhibit of camp, primadonna drama. Love it!

And now it can be yours! Download-able via the link below:

If Madonna Calls – JR\’s House Mix

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