Nora Dean / Scorpion

London’s been exceptionally grey lately, but all is forgotten when listening to this reggae gem, “Scorpion” (a rather innocent innuendo) by Nora Dean! An earlier version “Barbwire” features on Diplo’s Top Rankin EP, but I prefer this 1976 version released on the “Attack” record label by Bunny Lee in the UK. Ms Dean herself is something of an enigma. A former member of “The Ebony Sisters“, “The Soul Sisters” and “The Soulettes“, she became a born-again Christian in the early 80’s and lives in New York where she has produced a catalogue of gospel music (even some ‘reggae’ gospel!)



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2 Responses to Nora Dean / Scorpion

  1. Charlotte G says:

    Vad säger hon? “He got scorpion in his underpants”??

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