Timo Lassy

Ahh… Ladies and gents, please, take a moment, and soak in this groove!

How cool isn’t this performance, fierily simmering away with some very sexy energy?

I tip my hat to Mr. Danilo Plessow, aka Motor City Drum Ensemble for drawing my attention to this Finnish jazzman, as featured on his DJ-Kicks mix. Which in its own right I can’t describe as anything other than delicious! His mix has a down-tempo feel and the track choices reflect a predeliction for jazz. Not only does he pay tribute to jazz influences like Sun Ra, but also includes Chicago-house godfather Larry Heard, Afro-beat legend Gerald Pino all the way to Aphex Twin and some dub. Among my favourites is the uplifting “Stuck” by Peven Everett.

Get yourself over to Helsinki and check out Timo live! I’m adding it to my to-do list.

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