Axel Boman

As a result of suffering a bout of homesickness, for this post I’ve turned my sights homewards. (I’ve been rather immobilized by a bad sprain lately – don’t take your ATFL ligament for granted! – and though I love London, I’m pining to fill my lungs with clean pine forest air and the scent of rained-upon moss) As it turns out, there is an ocean of amazing dance music emanating from Sweden, which ought to be placed under the spotlight. —- May I ask you to clean your mind’s slate of any associations with Eric Prydz, Swedish House Mafia and their ilk! —- The first artist I’d like to highlight is Axel Boman. To be frank, I don’t know much about him, but his music speaks for itself!

Axel is a well-known figure in the Stockholm music scene, and is recently making a name for himself abroad. He was signed earlier this year to DJ Koze’s label Pampa, and has recently launched his own record label Studio Barnhus with friends Kornel Kovacs and Petter Nordkvist. His music nods towards deep house, and features all the ingredients which set me on fire – choice sampling of jazz hooks, immense soul vocals, and a fidelity to the roots of house as reflected in his beats.

I’m anticipating the upcoming EP “Europa” set for release on August 29, which promises tracks heavy on a lush, full sound.

In the meantime listen to the kooky, funky, and cinematic “Paris 2006” featuring the renowned Stockholm DJ, Kornel Kovacs, a close friend and associate of Axel Boman, off the “Nattsudd” EP from July.

You can also get an idea of his deep house leanings on this Pampa release

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