Nico Gomez & his African Percussion Inc.

Oh man! This song made my day!

Baila Chibiquiban by Nico Gomez & his African Percussion Inc.

An amazingly compelling psychedelia-infused piece of Latin Funk off the 1971 album “Ritual”. It just makes you want to jump up and sway your hips! Judging by the sound, you’d expect it to come from Brazil or Cuba, but Nico Gomez is in fact the stage name of Belgian Josef ven het Grounewoud, who moved to the Netherlands in 1947 to escape being drafted into the army and carted off to Indonesia which was busy casting off the Dutch imperialists.

He was initially involved with more classic big-band Cuban-jazz during the 50’s before turning towards funk during the late 60’s to 70’s – first with his band the Chakakas and later as Nico Gomez & his African Percussion Inc. There’s also a lot of Chicano funk in his sound. This album seems to be very rare! Anybody know where one can find it?

(P.S. If it’s not in stock at Honest Jon’s – probably the most qualified place in London for such matters – locating it will involve some detective work)

Well… here’s an example of Chicano funk by Sapo, from 1974

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