Wild Geese / Runner/Labyrinth EP



Nothing can go wrong on a day where you listen to this EP first thing in the morning! Number one, “Runner”, is a  driving, disco anthem, spiralling towards a euphoric climax. The flipside, “Labyrinth” ensconces a classic, oscillating acid trax tune in its grooves… I’m compelled to go and buy the vinyl, (ignoring the fact that I don’t own vinyl decks, and that I barely have room to sit down in this microscopic flat)



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Blakula/Permanent Midnight

Perusing the shelves of Rough Trade East yesterday, I judged this album by its cover and took it home with me!

Legend has it Blakula is a reanimated Haitian vampire let loose on the streets of New York (via Transylvania) sometime in 1977. What follows on ‘Permanent Midnight’ is the drug-addled soundtrack to his escapades through Studio 54 with Vanessa Del Rio, Andy Warhol, Joe Dallesandro, Robert Mapplethorpe, David Lynch, Jean Michel Basquiat and more…

Blakula – Vampire State Building

We can thank Romans Andrea Bellantani and Marco Maccari, aka The Diaphanoids for this cinematic psychedelic disco trip. This time they’ve drawn inspiration from 60’s and 70’s Italian ‘Giallo’ (Thriller) film soundtracks

Incidentally, here’s another amusing tune with the same name, from 70’s krautrocking Germans, Alcatraz

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Nora Dean / Scorpion

London’s been exceptionally grey lately, but all is forgotten when listening to this reggae gem, “Scorpion” (a rather innocent innuendo) by Nora Dean! An earlier version “Barbwire” features on Diplo’s Top Rankin EP, but I prefer this 1976 version released on the “Attack” record label by Bunny Lee in the UK. Ms Dean herself is something of an enigma. A former member of “The Ebony Sisters“, “The Soul Sisters” and “The Soulettes“, she became a born-again Christian in the early 80’s and lives in New York where she has produced a catalogue of gospel music (even some ‘reggae’ gospel!)



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February Favourites

Tom Trago – Lost in the Streets of NYC (Boris Werner Remix)

Here we go. The first few bars will have you hooked! This one off of Rush Hour Records Best of 2010 Compilation

Glimpse – Feel OK

This 7 1/2 minute track demands your patience. If you don’t have it in you, check out the break 3 minutes in – you’ll know what I’m talking about! It builds up to a vast sound, which really wants to be played in a huge venue. Released last spring on their full-length album Runner

Motor City Drum Ensemble – Monorail

LOVE this one. It takes a few listens to appreciate, but the gradual buildup is immense! Detroit House at its best. This one just re-released as a single a week or so ago

(Oh… and the best part is that you can download these beauties!)

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Deniz Kurtel / The L Word feat. Jada

Here’s single released a couple of weeks ago on Crosstown Rebels records by Turkey’s Deniz Kurtel. It’s a taster off her anticipated new album “Music Watching Over Me” due for release in late February. This track itself is a nice little Tech-House number, with rolling grooves and soulful vocals, which in this Guy Gerber take is infused with a 90’s jungle feel.

Kurtel’s musical career hasn’t followed an obvious trajectory. Not only does her academic background boast two MA’s in Statistics and Economics respectively from the US,  but she is an experimental sculptor of large architectural installations which manipulate light by way of computerized LED arrangements and mirrors. She is currently based in Brooklyn, NY.

An inspiration!

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Social Disco Club/Cole Medina EP

I can’t overstate how in love I am with these three little tracks! I stumbled across it while perusing the virtual shelves of Phonica Records a couple of weeks ago…

Social Disco Club from Portugal teams up with Los Angeleno DJ Cole Medina (Gabriel Medina) on this 3-track EP released by record label American Standard, which samples three not-so obvious Michael Jackson tracks: “Let Me Show You”, “Do You Remember the Time” and “Butterflies”. The result is a trio of smooth Disco House tunes that make you want to glide. Alas only available on vinyl, so until I get some real decks (not likely soon) I’ll have to listen to them streamed in my solitude in wait for it to go on sale as MP3’s.

Social Disco Club – SDC Shows Ya’

Cole Medina – Cole Remembered

Cole Medina – Medina’s Mariposas


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Rebel Rave / Crosstown Rebels

Granted… this release is 3 months old, BUT this album will reverberate my eardrums for a long time to come!

A compilation of Damian Lazarus’ Crosstown Rebels records, Rebel Rave features a parade of the label’s biggest names and anthems, including Soul Clap’s Action/Satisfaction, Seth Troxler and Gadi Mizrahi. This double-CD contains 35 tracks which will feed a dancefloor for a good 3 1/2 hours with bass-heavy house which could have battered Chicago’s den of hedonism, the Paradise Garage in the days of Adonis, Frankie Knuckles and Larry Levan back in the 80’s. Highlights include Deniz Kurtel’s retro camp “Yeah” featuring Guests of Nature, Seth Troxler’s “Love Never Sleeps” in a Gadi Mizrahi remix and Jamie Jones’ frantic “You”.

Have a listen to this remix by Deniz Kurtel of the sexy “Fables and Fairytales” in a 127BPM cardiovascular workout: Fables and Fairytales (Deniz Kurtel remix)

This track by Maceo Plex brings back fond memories of balmy nights in Beirut!

Gravy Train (Nicolas Jaar remix) / Maceo Plex

Peace out!

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